The idea to organise a BIM-specific conference goes back to the year 2013 when the management of a new company KONFOTEKA decided to inaugurate a meeting which would be dedicated entirely to the Building Information Modelling. A priceless support in making the project come true was offered by the Chamber of Contruction Designing [Izba Projektowania Budowlanego, IPB] and we will always feel indebted to the late Ksawery Krassowski, the then President of the Chamber, for his precious help. Needless to say that IPB became the Patron of Honour of the first three editions of the event.

And so, the first Conference took two full days in April 2014 in NARVIL Hotel in Serock near Warsaw. Even if novices in the industry, we met with success given that we managed to attract more than 100 participants in the very first event. The same can be said about our Partners and Sponsors whose rank and number must inspire respect: among others, CONSTRUSOFT, BENTLEY, AEC DESIGN, PROCAD, DLUBAL, STRUSOFT, etc. The attendance and the list of supporting organisations and mass media kept growing with every following year and edition of the Conference:  Cracow in 2015 (two days) and Józefów in 2016 (two days) enjoyed 120 and 140 members, in that order. Moreover, the event acquired an international status with expert lecturers and partners coming from the foreign countries.

In 2017, wishing for an ideal organisational formula the Management of KONFOTEKA decided to reduce the duration of the event. This, however, did not slow down the tempo of growth in the ranking and number of partakers and contributors: each of the 2017 and 2018 DESIGNING THE FUTURE Conferences took one day only, yet the attendance reached 140 and 170 persons, respectively.

In 2018, the event experienced a radical change with BIM KLASTER from Cracow joining KONFOTEKA as its Substantive Partner. We decided in unison to move the event to Cracow from 2019 on to stay there for good. Besides, we agreed upon sharing the tasks: since that year, BIM KLASTER would be responsible for the content of the event with KONFOTEKA controlling any and all managerial issues.

Hence, our DESIGNING THE FUTURE Conference of April 2019 had another opening. Although the event resumed its two-day formula, it became somewhat modified. The first day was dedicated to a traditional symposium with presentations and discussions. The second day, however, introduced the workshops developed by BIM KLASTER associates. As many as 16 workshops! And as many as 185 participants as well as new content-specific Partners and Exhibitors in the 2019 Edition!

Unquestionably, the DESIGNING THE FUTURE Conference was the first ever meeting dedicated to BIM in Poland. Although several followers have appeared in our country since our first performance, it is DESIGNING THE FUTURE which merits to be called the pioneer on the Polish market.

We pay attention to the proficiency and the highest level of organisation of the event. We turn a ready ear to the comments and opinions of our visitors. We are careful to select the lecturers and the topics. We focus on practical issues which are essential to everyday works of designers, architects, and contractors. Aware of our pioneering role we endeavour to make the DESIGNING THE FUTURE Conference keep developing and improving for the years to come!