Rafał Ślęk

Rafał Ślęk


Rafał Ślęk graduated from the Technical University of Silesia in architecture, his true passion. Co-owner of a multiple branch design office in Silesia for a dozen years or so. The office opened in 1993 and since then, all the designs have been developed by means of 3D/BIM technology. In 2003, Rafał joined WSC Graphisoft Center, a unit specialised in sale and implementation of BIM software, including ARCHICAD and Solibri applications. He declares being fascinated by the opportunity to watch how the impact (or rather a flood) of new technologies on architect and interior designer work may completely change the style and the scope of the projects.

Author of several books and video courses dedicated to the process of designing by means of ARCHICAD as well as to the implementation of BIM technology; coach; certified BIM manager at Graphisoft.

An overview of the most common difficulties that architectural offices are facing in the era of digitalization and BIM implementation