Paweł Krecz

Paweł Krecz


Pawel Krecz is a member of the Construction Product Development & Management group at Bentley Systems.

He has twenty years of experience in the utilities, construction and infrastructure industries as an engineer, planner and in project controls specialist and has delivered major projects in Poland (his native country), Lithuania, US and the UK.

He studied Power Engineering, Sociology and Construction Management.

Pawel joined SYNCHRO Software (now Bentley Systems) in 2015. Initially he was helping users on a global basis with managing their projects using SYNCHRO’s technology platform, providing best practices advice and Virtual Design and Construction expertise; currently he looks after the development and management of the SYNCHRO’s core solutions within Construction group as a Strategic Product Manager.

He lives in Leeds, UK.

Meet Pawel, ask him difficult technical questions about SYNCHRO, discuss your projects or suggest him an idea or two…

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