Krzysztof Wojsław

Krzysztof Wojsław


Bridge designer and BIM co-ordinator at Sweco Norge; Oslo resident. Having worked for this company for 3 years, he is mainly responsible for co-ordination of international projects and implementation of new designing methods. His role in the E6 Expressway Extension Project consists in development of BIM structural models and in parametric designing.

I graduated from the Technical University in Gdańsk and from the Norwegian Technical University NTNU in Trondheim, Faculty of Bridge Construction. I used to design the bridges and co-ordinate BIM for Sweco Oslo, one of the biggest European design studios with focus
on building, architecture, and environment. Given that BIM technology is well developed in Norway, it has become the object of my interest since the very first day of my work to turn into a real passion now. At Sweco, I have worked for three years on development of new designing methods, digitalisation, co-ordination of international projects, and improvement in work standards in BIM environment. Additionally, I am involved in Nordic Bridge Environment, a Scandinavian co-operation program dedicated to standardisation of software and designing methods: hand in hand with designers from Denmark, Sweden, and Finland we look for the optimum solutions in the area of bridge projects. I will also make a presentation at BILT Europe 2019 in Edinburg. Apart from my work, I like to share my ideas and materials via my LinkedIn profile and will be glad to answer the questions asked by the participants who are interested in parametric designing and in building the structures based on models Only.

Expansion of the Expressway E6 in Norway – cross-boarder cooperation without drawings