Katarzyna Frydrych

Katarzyna Frydrych


I’ve been interested in BIM software for 10 years. Over 6 years ago I’ve joined an international company as a member of BIM implementation team. I’ve been Lead Architect Modeller for first 4 years which included: training in architectural and structural departments, preparing internal BIM standards for company (project and families standards, schedules, templates, requirements for vendors), design coordination with other department teams; cooperation with 3D design and cost estimates team. Since I’ve moved to BIM Coordination 3 years ago I was responsible for preparation and maintenance of BEPs, defining projects modelling standards, management and integration of information and models between disciplines and third parties, setting up and running clash reporting. Since 2017 as an Authorized Autodesk Trainer I’ve been providing software trainings for students and companies with BIM implementation as well.

The team has matter  – examples of improvements and cooperation